Please follow a few simple steps to ensure your customer receives prompt and professional service.

  • Send the completed  Claim Sheet by clicking “send form” at the bottom of the sheet or fax to 905-886-5291, attention: Claims
  • Specify if you require an in-person visit to evaluate the loss or just a replacement quotation
  • With the facsimile or email, supply as much detailed information as possible about the items, i.e. appraisals, original invoices, pictures, etc.
  • If an in-person visit is needed, a Cerelli representative will contact the customer that day or arrange an appointment to review the loss and establish the replacement cost
  • A replacement quotation will be e-mailed or faxed to the Adjuster
  • Cerelli will follow up with the Adjuster in 72 hours to determine if the insurer has chosen to replace the items or provide the customer with a dollar purchase amount at Cerelli so that customer can benefit from the insurers volume buying power
  • Replacement items will be delivered to the customer, with the customer signing an Acknowledgment Receipt
  • The insurer is invoiced, together with a copy of the customer’s Acknowledgment Receipt, for payment within 30 days

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