icewhite_jewellery Cerelli Jewellers Inc. is a medium sized firm that strives to provide uncompromising service. Turnaround time for quotations is within 24 hours, with a maximum of two days for an extensive replacement list.



  • Our professional staff is qualified to assess losses accurately, quoting on as close as possible replacements
  • Our staff is well-rounded in all aspects of the jewellery business
  • Affiliated with one of the largest diamond dealers in Canada, with other associations in New York, Belgium and South Africa


  • All replacement items pass through strict quality standards before being released
  • A detailed appraisal accompanies each replacement item


  • Our buying at source provides competitive, wholesale prices to the insurer
  • We service clients through a mobile service, keeping our overhead low by not operating a retail storefront


  • The customer is serviced in a comfortable environment for them
  • Prompt and professional service that focuses on the unique needs of each customer
  • A specialized CAD (computer aided design) system allows us to replace jewellery items to 98% of its original appearance

For more information please contact us. We would be happy to assist you.